Monday, September 21, 2015

Ten Odd, Little Known, Unimportant Facts

They are the rage these days. It's very difficult to avoid them, if you spend any time at all on the Internet. It's like the two sentence headline that always ends with something like this: “...and you won't believe what happened next.” People love lists. They draw readers right to your site. But some inventive programmer has designed a web page template that allows the list maker to split up their lists into multiple pages, with a small area reserved for the actual text of the story, the remainder to be populated with many video ads that auto-start, and clickable links for new products, gadgets, services or other advertising which the site generates revenue from. I won't do that to you. About the only thing you'll get here is a small advertisement that Google inserts at the bottom of this page. This story is very simple.

Ten Absolutely Unimportant Facts about Jerry Reed 
that You Didn't Need to Know.

1. Owned a Chevy Vega until a piston blew through the side of aluminum engine block.

2. Won the studio audience prize of the day on the Vicki Gabareau TV Show broadcast from Vancouver on CTV - Canada – in November 2004.

3. Has touched the Royal Barge of the King of Thailand.

4. Had dinner with former voice of the Keebler Elf, Parley Baer.

5. Rode in the Vista-Dome car of the famous California Zephyr train from Chicago to Oakland California aboard the Chicago,Burlington & Quincy; Denver & Rio Grande; and Western Pacific Railroads.

6. Stood on the corner of Haight and Asbury Streets in San Francisco in 1967 while Jefferson Airplane was heard coming from the speaker of the nearby car radio.

7. Worked at the same station where The Texas Troubadour, Ernest Tubb, first sang on the radio 35 years prior – KGKL, San Angelo Texas.

8. Have visited and walked near the top of Mount Etna in Sicily.

9. Has driven a 1949 Hudson Commodore (stock car) around a dirt auto racing track.

10. Has a Bacon Brothers CD personally autographed by Kevin Bacon. That would be a first degree, right?

Now aren't you excited to know that stuff?

I hear the yawn.