Sunday, January 18, 2015

You Blog Too Much

Everyone defines “oldies” differently when it comes to pop music. But, I have one favorite that I've always loved and to me it's an “oldie but goodie.” It's from an R & B artist from New Orleans that happened to have worked with B.B. King and to his credit is responsible for discovering the 60's girl group The Dixie Cups.  His name is Joe Jones.  As far as his recorded milestones are concerned, he would be considered a “one hit wonder.” He and Reginald Hall penned and Jones recorded “You Talk Too Much” which went to the top 10 on Billboard in 1960. The lyric went something like this: “ You talk too much. You worry me to death. You talk too much. You even worry my pet. You just talk, talk, talk too much.”  So replace the word “talk” with “blog” and you'll see where I'm going with this.  

I only blog once or twice a month, primarily because I don't want to be bothersome or appear too aggressive. After all,  blogs are a glorified bit of self promotion. I only blog when I have something to say not because I am obligated to say something.  Despite what some so called experts proclaim, I believe you can blog too much.  There are several who write blogs that I see being promoted in my world of voiceover that I would classify as prolific bloggers.  Some are voice talents, some offer services to the voiceover community and others are functions of casting P2P sites (“on-line marketplaces”) that use their blogs to promote subscriptions.  I'm not about to name names here, because of the nature of the performing arts world.  If you dare to criticize one of your own, you are often chastised as not being a team player.   I'm not going there either as the only team sport I have ever played is curling and there are only four members on the team. 

I do believe some people just blog too much. There comes a time when the blogs go un-opened and un-read.  Why? I get tired of seeing their “stuff” in my face.  I worked in the world of public relations and promotion for more than 25 years. One of the lessons I quickly learned had to do with press releases and communications. One of my employers was selective in the number of documents being pushed out to the  media and consuming public.  Another issued several releases each day to the point that they often went directly into the recycle bin.  The one that was selective got much more “pick-up.” The reason? Frequency. There was a perception that we only issued them when we really had something worthwhile. 

Blogs have replaced press releases in today's media world. So putting myself in the “reader's seat,” I look at them in the same fashion.  There are some blogs I would never miss. But there are some that get posted to the social media sites that I no longer open. Sorry.  You just “blog too much.”

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