Friday, December 12, 2014

Are On-Line Meet-Up Groups Good or Bad?

They are both good and bad.  So for my final blog of 2014, I present my ten arguments, five for and five against on-line meet-up groups. Keep in mind this is an opinion blog and what I suggest is only my opinion. Your mileage may vary.

Arguments for participation in on-line meet-up groups:

1.  They help offset the isolation that comes naturally with working from home.
2.  The members hear new ideas and concepts.
3.  Members share their successes.
4.  You build camaraderie among group members leading possibly to future referrals.
5.  They can be a good thing when things aren't going so well because you have the opportunity to see that others may be having the same experience and can help you figure out how to fix it.

Arguments against on-line meet-up groups: 

1. On-line meet-ups can never be a replacement for real live, face-to-face, meetings which force members to find YOOTH (you're out of the house.)
2. You can share your ideas and find that no one else agrees with you which leads you to believe  and they all think you are a crackpot.
3. You hear of other members successes and you haven't experienced similar successes which raises your anxiety level.
4. You withdraw further back into your shell because you don't want the other group members to think you aren't doing very well.
5. They can be a bad thing because you're looking for solutions and the group members can only share what works for them. They can't help you because you need to find your own solutions.

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