Tuesday, September 2, 2014

Why is it labeled “work” if it's so much fun?

I can think of only one job I've ever had or been given that I really hated. I may have disliked certain features or activities associated with the job, but never the job itself. I think that's because of my philosophy of work and why I always worked, in addition to the financial reasons. The one I hated was the ditch my father made me dig, as a 16 year-old, in our back yard when we had problems with out septic system. I hated it and could not think of one thing about it that I liked.
But all of my jobs, as an adult, I liked. Oh sure there were people I didn't like working for and aspects of the jobs that I didn't really care for. But, the jobs themselves were either rewarding experiences or activities that I enjoyed doing. I even sold paint at Sears when I was in college. Helping people find the right color and all the accessories they would need was kinda fun.

I loved broadcasting and loved being an entertainer on the radio. I found marketing and public relations to be challenging and the rewards of seeing the results of my efforts always made the jobs quite enjoyable despite difficult bosses, or clueless clients. I always tried to keep focused and forge forth with a positive attitude, because I loved the work.
Now I've moved on and am focusing on my voiceover business full time. It's one more job that I absolutely love doing. Again, those long days in the studio when I seldom come up for air and unreasonable deadlines that often loom can make things challenging. I still love it, though. It's still fun. When the project is finished, the editing is done and I review the audio, I have a sense of pride in that work. The icing on the cake is when the client sends me a check.
I guess I have been fortunate to have always had jobs I liked. As a matter of fact they have all had a “fun” side. That's because I always made sure they did. It's all in the attitude. If you look at the job at hand as difficult, too time consuming, too menial, too messy, or too much work, well, you're looking at it all wrong.

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