Saturday, September 27, 2014

10 Things I Learned at Faffcon 7*

* Disclaimer: No trade secrets will be shared here and no golden nuggets given away without consent. This is an opinion blog and as such these are MY opinions skewed by age and experience.

For those reading about Faffcon for the first time let me explain what it is. It's an un-conference, a meeting concept re-developed and improved upon by Amy Snively for the voiceover industry. Up to 100 working voice actor/artists gather at one geographical location with the hope of learning, sharing and futher developing their already successful careers. It's a concept that seems foreign to some but once experienced becomes quite habit forming.

Ten things I learned at Faffcon:

1. The global voiceover talent base, while extremely competitive, is a giving and sharing community.
(Just ask the Words on Wings program of The Child Language Center in Tucson, AZ.)
2. My issues and problems growing my business are not unique and are experienced by many others.

3. To get the best out of the event you need to learn how to stay up late, as some of the best sessions are not planned activities and occur after hours.

4. While its demise has been widely predicted, ISDN is here for the long haul or at least till that last pair of copper wires are snipped and yanked out of the wall.

5. While being a voice talent requires a “jack of all trades” approach, sometimes for productivity sake you need to be willing to “farm out” some of the work.
Wise Owl keeping watch at Faffcon7

6. It's OK to hate cold calling. A lot of people do. But, don't suggest that you hire someone to do it for you because it's a concept that won't get a warm reception in the voiceover world.

7. While some working in voiceover have a fan base, it's much more advantageous to have many advocates.

8. Voice talents, for the most part, have a split personality. There's the creative self and the marketing self. The former is very confident and the latter is quite insecure.

9. It's OK to have a voiceover niche and everyone should find theirs. Because we can't be all things to all people.

10. Repeat #1.

Note:  I also learned that Tucson is a great place for a nature photographer to spend the weekend.


  1. Great "wrap up". I thoroughly enjoyed listening! Thanks to your great review, I am signing on for FaffCamp!

  2. Thanks Conchita. I'm sure you'll find Faffcamp a very worthwhile experience.

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