Friday, April 25, 2014

I Suck at Marketing

I'm a professional voice artist and have been doing it for all of my adult life, I'm a pretty good cook and quite accomplished at baking artisan breads, if I do say so. I take decent photographs, specializing in nature photography. But I SUCK AT MARKETING my voiceover business. There I admit it. That's the first step right?
Image of Jerry Reed - Voice Talent
Jerry Reed - Voice Talent
I know I am not alone in this business of voiceover. Others have the same problem. No matter how hard we try, the marketing skills are not easily mastered. It's just something we don't very well. That's what agents are for right? Oh, but agents aren't interested until you have a proven success record. Here they come the chicken/egg, horse/carriage arguments. The pay to play sites position themselves as voiceover marketplaces but do little to promote the talents that have paid to be on their roster. It's not enough just to give talent an opportunity to audtion and fend for themselves. What is needed as a team of professional marketers that will go to bat for specific voice talent, promoting them to companies for projects where a voice is needed. There's a whole world that exists outside the casting call arena, a world that hasn't a clue what a casting call is or how they work. It's a world that's just finding out about explainer videos, a world that still uses the secretary to voice the power point or the company phone system. These people just know they need a voice for a project but don't know where to to turn to get one. Often they try the P2P sites and come away frustrated having to listen to a whole bunch of auditions. All they know is they need a voice and 90% of the time don't even know what they are looking for.
So here's an opportunity for someone to be not only an agent but a promotion/marketing specialist. Why don't these exist in our industry? For it to be worthwhile, the commission would have to be quite generous. Agents don't get a very high commission, in my opinion - usually 10-15%. But what if that person was offered a higher commission rate to actually promote a specific talent? I'd be first in line if I didn't have to do the marketing. Not only do I not like doing it. I SUCK AT MARKETING.  


  1. Jerry,

    I have recently been considering the idea of starting a business to help other vo talent learn and use social media and marketing for their business. I'd love to talk to you further about what it is you're looking for exactly, and if I may be of assistance.

    Shoot me an email is you'd like to talk further:


  2. Hi Jerry,

    There are so many marketing avenues, aren't there?
    As a hockey imaging voice for the Buffalo Sabres and the WHL broadcasts on Shaw-TV, I guess you could say "I PUCK at Marketing.":)

    In regards to the P2P sites, my wife gave me a marketing idea three days ago and I made the changes last night so I can make a better first impression on them. I will go by the name R. Michael on the two main P2P sites. I was born with the name Ralph, but it doesn't make as strong a first impression with my slate either SO Michael (which IS my middle name) will lead the way!

    Continued success to you Jerry!

    Ralph Hass

  3. Thanks for the comment R. Michael. And best to you in your new marketing approach. Let me know how it goes.


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