Thursday, January 2, 2014

I never fail to plan

Because, I never plan to fail.

I'm a simple guy with moderate goals. Each year as I end one year and begin another I have always tried to focus on something that will grow my business and yet not break the bank. I am always reluctant to label myself a conservative because of the negative political connotations. In business that's my downfall. I am very conservative when it comes to spending money. Yes, I know the old saying: “You have to spend money to make money.” I understand that. But at the same time I have a hard time executing that philosophy. I tend not to spend it until I have it. That's why my business grows at a steady but moderate rate. Each year, I write into my business plan one or two major changes and or projects that I will launch to help my business attract more customers. In my case, that would be more businesses and individuals seeking the services of a professional voiceover for their projects. Last year the major enhancements were a complete re-branding of who I am and what I do, along with the web site and marketing materials to support that branding. My new web site was launched in March with a new logo and brand - “Warm Tone, Natural Finish.” 
The branding was chosen after consulting several voice experts who listened to my audio demos and described what they heard. The new branding has worked well and was just the image I needed to attract new business. It doesn't over promise or mislead. It simply describes the kind of voiceover I can consistently deliver. The second major addition this past year was the a new audio player that gives the voice seeker flexibility when listening to my voiceover demos. With the help of Bob Merkel at VoiceZam I was able to integrate this new audioplayer into the new web site. The player gives me the ability to provide player links in marketing emails and newsletters allowing me to track when the demos were played, who listened and for how long - tremendous marketing tools.
So, what's on tap for 2014? The first thing already underway is the protection of my brand. With help of Robert J. Sciglimpaglia Jr. author of Voice Over Legal, I have begun the process of registering “Warm Tone, Natural Finish” as my registered trade or service mark. In addition, I begin the new year with a studio enhancement that allows me to do live voice over session work with production houses anywhere there's an Internet connection. The technical term or name is ipDTL. To put it simply, using simple Internet technology and the backbone of Google and its browser Chrome, I can be in my studio and connected “live” to another studio in a far away city to record high quality voiceovers, a process that once was restricted to only those that could afford to install very expensive equipment and costly telephone lines called ISDN. By the way, those ISDN circuits are rapidly being phased out by the telephone companies because they are just too costly to maintain. Now, I need to promote those new features.

I have a plan. What about you? What are you planning to enhance your business in 2014?

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