Thursday, January 23, 2014

All work and no play

 makes Jack (Jerry) a dull boy 

The title of this blog is an old English proverb we've all heard. And it's true, especially in the voiceover world. It is my belief that even if we are booking work every day, we all need diversions to keep life interesting and to keep us fresh.

The past couple of months I have found myself in the studio doing several long form projects. Previously, I always focused on shorter recordings, brief explainer videos, commercials and children's stories, obviously brief.

When the opportunity presented itself to get involved in reading some longer screenplays for a film producer I jumped at the chance and the money was excellent. These projects, always due with a short turn-around, required me to be in the studio for many hours at a time, several days in a row. I was not conditioned for this. It was then I realized how valuable and healthy it is to have diversions and other interests. I was already doing something that I took for granted as to its overall value.

Back in 1969, when in the US Air Force I was assigned to a one-year tour of duty in Thailand, during the Vietnam War. As a Radio and TV Production Specialist I was deployed to The American Forces Radio and TV station at Takhli, north of Bangkok. It was there that I grabbed the opportunity to buy, at significant discount, my first 35mm camera. The air base had a hobby photo lab where I learned also to process my own film and make prints. Times have changed and I rarely make prints now opting for digital display. But, photography has since been of great interest to me.

So, between these long form voiceover projects, I make sure I get out with the camera. I find it very healthy, gets me out of the studio, and is quite refreshing at the same time. Nature and the great outdoors is what I like best. So the adrenalin always builds when I see an exciting shot and then when I realized that I captured the image digitally, I feel the excitement and am eager to share my outing with others. So, I usually post some of my best shots on the social media sites. Here are some of my recent

Snowy Owl

Juvenile bald eagle



Admiral Butterfly


Red Tailed Hawk

Sunrise at Silver Lake

Old Abandoned Home

 Photography is my healthy diversion. What's yours?


  1. Thank you for sharing these beautiful images Jerry. You are quite talented behind the camera, as well as the mic. And thanks for the reminder to get out of the booth more often and take a deep breath in the beauty that surrounds us.

  2. Thanks for the kind words Derek and for all you do for our industry. Don't ever think for an instant that your efforts are not appreciated.

  3. Well Thank You for that Jerry. There are days where I wonder if I'm a help, or just a nuisance, but I enjoy 'meeting' people through their writing and sharing of experiences,and I'm happy to help spread their work to others. Have a great day!!


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