Tuesday, July 2, 2013

Shoot Yourself in the Foot...

and Your Voiceover Career Along With It.

I use all the social networks to promote myself and my voiceover services. I am always willing to connect to other professionals in the voiceover business for the networking opportunities. It certainly has helped in my case when a connection has recommended my services and I have landed jobs because of it. So, let me tell the tale of one such voiceover artist that asked to connect with me and what he did or didn't do.

I have one particular client that I work with regularly. I have done many many projects with this man at two different companies. We have stayed connected over the years and now use LinkedIn to stay up to date. I respect this man and know that we have a solid relationship. So, when he asks to be introduced to one of my LinkedIn connections, I know that it will not jeopardize my voiceover job opportunities with him. We will call him Bob for the sake of this story, although that's not his real name.

Recently, I had a connection request from a man located in one of the major cities in the South. This man we will call Jim. Although, that's not his real name either. When I received the connection request from Jim, he appeared well connected and recommended by other leaders in the voiceover industry. So, I accepted his request to connect. I didn't think anything more about it and didn't investigate further. So, Jim became listed as one of my connections.

LinkedIn makes regular public updates of new connections. Bob saw the update that I was now connected to Jim and reviewed his profile and was interested in adding Jim to his cadre of voiceover artists. So, he asked to be introduced to Jim. Before I responded to Bob, I took another look at Jim's profile and realized there was something missing. There was no link to a professional web site and other than a brief mention that he had a relationship with a public broadcaster, there was no information about his particular credits, or the company he supposedly was connected with. There were no audio demo and no link to video. Fail #1 However, he did have a Gmail address listed. So, I sent Jim an email through LinkedIn and a message to the Gmail account. I told him of the request from Bob and asked for a link to his demos and or web site where his demos could be reviewed.

I had already responded to Bob telling him that I could not recommend Jim as I had not heard his demos, but had written to him requesting links and further information. I would let Bob know as soon as I received a response. That was yesterday. I have not heard from Jim and he may not be a connection much longer. To further complicate things, I decided to look up Jim on Twitter. Found him. But his tweets and account are protected. Fail #2 . I looked for him on Facebook. I found him there, also. He's well connected to some pretty powerful people in the voiceover industry, but still no links to a web site or demos. This guy could be the next messiah for all I care. But, he's a giant failure in my book.

Hunter with Rifle - Shooting Foot
Am I too impatient? I don't think so. In our industry response time is critical. Seconds become minutes become hours become an eternity. I'm not a big ad agency exec and I don't have a big job to offer, but he doesn't know that. So why didn't he respond in this day of smart-phones with email? Beats me.

 Shall we take out the other foot while we're at it?  

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  1. Good example of where the power of technology and social media mean there are no excuses for not returning contact as soon as you can. Interesting read.
    Northern Irish Voice


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