Tuesday, July 23, 2013

A voice actor's vortex...

He finally feels the energy.

I took a couple weeks off from writing this blog to take a vacation and re-energize.

All of my life I have been around people who have talked about things like: “feeling the energy,” “the aura,” “the spirit within,” and “spirituality.” Being that I'm a “hands-on, have to hold it and touch it” kind of a guy, I always had difficulty understanding what it is that they were talking about. I suspect I have had those experiences but never could quite get a handle on something that I couldn't “reach out and touch.” I guess that's why I never could quite “get” the idea of religion. I was expected to have blind faith in something or someone that I couldn't see. I never could quite understand the concept.

It's one of those barriers that I have in voice acting too. I have always had difficulty taking on a role that I could only imagine. They appeared to be just words on paper. I accomplish the task but it takes great effort. Being an “announcer” was always easy for me. Ad-libbing, as a radio performer, was also easy. It was my own personality and didn't have to be someone else. Being a voice actor takes a whole different approach.

Sunrise - Airport Mesa, Sedona Arizona - Jerry's Voice the BlogThis vacation has helped me realize that I have to let go of the material things and just let the energy flow in order to take on roles that I can only imagine. I realized that it's not a one-step process. I first have to just absorb the environment. Our trip took my partner and I to Sedona, Arizona. Prior to our arrival, a new word was added to my vocabulary – vortex. I was told that there were four of them in and around the red rocks of the southwest. Early on the morning after our arrival, we woke before daybreak and drove to one of those spots hoping to catch sunrise from the airport mesa vortex. We climbed to the pinnacle of the red rocks just as the sun came up.
A cool breeze greeted us and a handful of others that had also arrived shortly after 5 a.m. My goal was to capture the sunrise with my camera, which I did and came away was some awesome photos. I had not really embraced the vortex concept yet as others had. They were there to “feel the energy.” Little did I realize that I would, too. I stood there in the morning breeze and when the glow of the sun warmed my face I experienced something I couldn't touch, but I could feel. I couldn't even talk about it, because I couldn't describe it. I could only feel it.

Buddha Beach - Stone Buddhas - Red Rocks State Park, ArizonaI experienced that same feeling a day later at the Red Rocks State Park. Again my goal was to take photos of Cathedral Rock, an image I had seen in the travel brochures and magazines. We entered the state park grounds and followed the designated trails to the red rocks that the brochures had described. This was the site of another vortex. I knew we were getting close when we came upon an opening where people that preceded us had balanced hundreds of rocks on top of each other in delicate formations resembling pyramids (stone Buddhas). I started to feel something again, but couldn't quite understand it. We proceeded along the trail to another opening where flat red rocks appeared and beyond that another area with that same pyramid type rock creations. There was that feeling again. I knew that thousands of people has previously been to that same spot. They call it Buddha Beach. These people appeared to have left something behind and it seemed to be coming from these balancing rocks. We couldn't resist and created our own, leaving our symbols for those to come.

Cathedral Rock, Sedona Arizona - Jerry's Voice the Blog
I revisited the state park area again the two days later with the goal of capturing a sunrise photo of Cathedral Rock. I got the shot, but chose a slightly different path back to the rental car. I felt something prior to coming upon another lone pile of rocks balanced one on top of the other in a clearing (a stone Buddha). It wasn't just a pile of rocks. It was left intentionally by someone before me. That person also left something else for me to experience, the energy.

Stone Buddah of Red Rocks, Sedona Arizona
I had been to two vortex sites, one of them twice, and I can actually say the experience has helped me leave some of my materialistic concepts behind. I know it's not an overnight process and will take more time. However, I believe the experience will help me be a better voice actor, one that can more readily take on roles and characters I can only imagine because now I know what it is to “feel the energy.”

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