Friday, June 21, 2013

Ten Terms New Voice Talent Must Know

Today a special edition blog post - Brad Holbrook had a nice article in Backstage titled “10 Top Tech Terms Actors Must Know.” I built upon his idea to compose my Ten Terms New Voice Talent Must Know.   I'm not an expert and this is not all inclusive, just my opinion.  So, here they are:
  1. Microphone
    You'll need a good one and there are as many opinions as there are acceptable choices.
  2. Recorder
    Many voice talents these days record from their home or home studio. You'll need some way to capture the sound from the microphone. Some will use a computer, others a digital recorder and yet others will use their advanced smart phones and tablets. Included here is also the software you will use to edit those files. Pick what works for you.
  3. Recording Space
    This is the area you have set aside to do your recording. Sometimes it will be a closet, a basement cubby-hole or a full fledged recording studio. Get some advice from a professional so the quality of your recording is the best you can possibly make with what you have available.
  4. Training
    Some call this continuing education. In voiceover we call this coaching. Get some from a credible teacher and don't ever stop.
  5. Demo
    This is your audio work sample, showcasing your voice and delivery styles. You'll need a good one or many. But make sure you do #4 first.
  6. Audition
    This is when a company or person has announced that they would like to hear from many people so they can choose the voice and style that meets their needs for the project that are involved in. You'll do many of these, quite possibly thousands in your career.
  7. Rejection
    Get used to it now. It is something that everyone hates, but must deal with. You will likely do hundreds of auditions before you have success and land a job. If you are lucky (and it's all luck), you will be successful and have many repeat customers.
  8. Marketing
    You'll never get an audition, a job, a referral, or voiceover opportunity by sitting on your hands. You will have to market yourself. Make sure that at every opportunity you let people know who you are and what you do. 
  9. Professional Web Site
    It's the daddy of your marketing outreach. In today's connected universe you MUST have one to promote who you are, your capabilities and how people can reach you easily and quickly. A blog is a web site but more like a newsletter and also complements your marketing outreach.
  10. Accounting
    Bookkeeping is a function of this and something you'll need to be familiar with. If you can't keep track of your money and who owes you money then you might as well just quit now and forget about going into business for yourself.
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  1. Thanks Jerry. Your top 10 just kicked me in the behind to get going. I need to update demos and reconnect with potential opportunities. Then make it happen!!! I'll keep you posted.


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