Wednesday, May 15, 2013

Grumpy old man...

and I have a right to be.
When you write a blog you can write damn well what you want to write about and vent when you want to.  This week I do both.

When you reach my age you have several privileges you have earned by just being knocked around life for many years.  One of those is the right to be a grumpy old man “if you wanna be.”  OK,  you already have the images in your brain of  Walter Matthau and Jack Lemmon being Grumpy Old Men.
There was a fun loving side of those characters despite their grumpiness.  So let me first say that I can have fun but have little tolerance for things that I once found necessary to“grin and bear.”

So, here's the “lucky seven” short list of things that will set me off:

1. “I duh know, it's not my department.”  If you work there, every department is your department.  It's your obligation to know about where you work, because I'm going to ask and you should know.
2. “It's just our policy and can't be changed.” Yes it can. It's just a policy and policies can be changed if it's not good for business or your customers.
3. Rudeness.  Be rude and I'll be rude right back.  Eye for an eye. You're fair game now.
4. Discrimination.  No matter what coat you wear or hood. You be you and I'll be me.  Get over your insecurities.
5. Religious zealots. No!  I don't want to be born again. I'm OK with who I am and the fact that your god is not my god, or is she?
6. You lied to me.  I can deal with those little white ones even though they are still lies. But an outright lie to my face?  That'll end the friendship instantaneously.
7. Resale price maintenance (RPM) (just another disguise for the repealed Fair Trade Laws). If I buy a product from your company, I have the right to resell it for what ever price I want.  I can even take a loss if I want to. That's my choice, not yours (Bose, Calvin Klein, Jockey, Oreck, Sennheiser,  et al).

Can they be avoided?  Probably not.  They are part of life these days.  But, I don't have to like 'em.

I guess I could be a hermit, although that is the name of my favorite cookie.  But being a hermit is not good for business in the world of voiceover.  Although, living in Upstate NY does feel like I'm living a hermit life.  So close, and yet so far away.  They say that the Internet is supposed to be to the saving grace for voiceover. They say that you don't have to live in NY City or LA. But, I have found that if you don't and you are not well connected with the people that make the decisions, you might as well be living in the Arctic circle.  So, the grumpy old man in me strikes once again.  You can't get auditions without an agent and you can't get an agent if you don't have regular national clients.  It's frustrating when you have done all the things marketing experts have counseled you to do.

"There he goes, venting again."

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