Wednesday, May 8, 2013

Dare to be different's who you are that counts.

The Crystals had a big hit record back in the sixties titled “He's A Rebel.” There's a line in the song that goes like this: “He's a rebel 'cause he never ever does what he should. But just because he doesn't do what everybody else does...” That would be me. I am that guy.

I have always been that way. A rebel am I. Some people call that being an individual. I just don't feel comfortable doing something just because everyone else does it. Is that bad? Some say yes, some say no. I say that's who I am.

As an example, I can remember back in high school. I ran for the office of president of my junior class. Everyone told me that I had to do things a certain way. I needed to make posters, make speeches, and do all the things that everyone else had done in the past to get elected. But, I had to be different. I realized that the people that really got you elected and those in my class that had the most influence were the girls. So, I talked to my mom who had a large flower garden full of mums and asked her if I could pick enough to give every girl in class a flower. She hesitated but after some discussion agreed that I could pick about 60 flowers. That day every girl at Sauquoit Valley Central Junior Class (Class of '65) got a flower from me. I won (bought) the election, not because I followed the rules, but because I did something different.

I have been that way ever since. When it came time to buy a DSLR camera I researched and analyzed and decided to go against the trend and did not buy a Nikon or a Canon. I bought a Pentax. The company was certainly not the leader in photography it once had been. But, the camera I selected had some benefits at the time that the others did not. It ran on AA batteries, accepted all the lenses I had from my previous Pentax SLR camera and was waterproof, something the others could not boast. I decided to be different and bought the Pentax K200D. I still love that camera even though it's only 10 megapixels. I do have my eyes on a Pentax K-5IIs. That'll be my next purchase, soon as I do a few more voiceover jobs.

When I first got into computing I started with a PC. I struggled with all products Microsoft and those that bought into the Microsoft way of life. I never did fall for the Apple mantra. But, the Apple Computer company was clever by giving so many schools computers, starting the Apple Army early was a good business tactic. Adobe is clever that way also, making versions of its extremely expensive software very affordable for students.  That's good for business. 

In the early 90s I became a computing rebel when I fell in love with a short lived operating system called GeoWorks. Is was actually a product originally made for the Commodor 64 but was eventually ported to the PC. I don't know why the company failed but I think the big boys had something to do with it. The original America On Line software was based on GeoWorks. I was sorry to see the company fail. They had a great product. So, I went back to Microsoft until 2005 when my Windows XP computer failed and Microsoft wouldn't allow me to re-install the operating system on that computer despite having all the correct disks. I remembered having received a free disk in the mail from Ubuntu Linux. I put that disk in the computer drive to see if I could rescue my files. Not only did I rescue my files I entered a new phase of my computing life. I was an immediate convert to Ubuntu and the open source universe. I have never gone back and feel I can do 99% of what everyone else can do with their PCs and Macs. But, I don't have to shell out money every year to upgrade my software.

When it comes to my voiceover studio, I opted for the Ubuntu Studio version of the operating system. It's a flavor that's specifically designed for those that want a better multi-media experience. Oh, I can boot my studio PC into Windows 7 if I need to, but it rarely happens. So the rebel perseveres, “Cause he's not just one of the crowd.”

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