Wednesday, April 17, 2013

Are You with the Mike Curb Congregation..

...Burning Bridges?

Back in 1970 there was a popular Clint Eastwood film about  a group of U.S. soldiers in world War II that sneaks behind enemy lines to steal a secret Nazi stash of 14,000 gold bars stored in a bank vault.  The original soundtrack of Kelly's Heroes spawned a hit record by the Mike Curb Congregation titled Burning Bridges.

So what's my point?   Well...

In my adult life I have known many people who get angry with employers and storm out in a huff, leaving no options for a return. They burned that bridge behind them.  I have watched as the flames nipped at their heals all the way out the door.  That's one thing I have never done. Oh, OK maybe once.  But, I have always been very careful knowing that someone I worked for could be in a different situation or with a different company in the future and that he or she could be the one person that either gets me the job or prevents me from getting it.  So I am very careful not to set the bridge behind me on fire as I leave.  I know there are quite a few now that say it's OK to cut ties and burn bridges because people today often change jobs 20-30 times in their lifetime.  But, I still think that it's not a “ A Bridge Too Far” (another 1970s WWII Nazi war movie) and you might just need to cross it some day.

I had one employer, a radio station, that I ended up working for on three different occasions. Had I burned the bridge, that would not have happened.  More recently I found myself without a job after working for an organization for nearly eleven years.  They decided they needed to take a different direction and my department was eliminated.  So, I quietly walked away amicably and decided to focus all of my time on my voiceover business. A year and a half later, I was approached by this same organization to do some voice work.  Now, if I play my cards right (pun intended), they could be a repeat customer.  So, you never know.

If you're old enough, you (or your grandparents) might remember Jack Scott's tale about Burning Bridges from 1960.

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